“Norwood Physical Therapy has been a proud member of NEPTN since 2008. During this time, NEPTN has offered valuable guidance in starting up and growing a successful private practice. From navigating the credentialing process with insurance companies to keeping our clinic abreast of the ever changing regulations and policies in the healthcare world, NEPTN has been there for us. Furthermore, as part of NEPTN we are connected to a network of professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge who are willing to share ideas and strategies freely. With the future of healthcare and physical therapy facing an uncertain future, we at Norwood Physical Therapy are secure with the guidance and support we receive from NEPTN.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this correspondence as a testimonial on behalf of New England Physical Therapy Network (NEPTN). As an owner of Pro Sports Therapy, Inc., I can say at the outset that Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. is extremely pleased with its relationship with NEPTN.

Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. provides outpatient rehabilitation services to a wide range of demographics. The company has offices located in Waltham and Westford Massachusetts.

Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. has been a member of NEPTN since 1999. Throughout the company’s membership, Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. has received extensive benefits from NEPTN, including continuous education regarding the changes in health insurance requirements, particularly Medicare. The world of healthcare, and its administration, is ever-changing; NEPTN is constantly “in the know,” and the organization effectively transmits that knowledge to Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. to ensure the practice is in compliance with all health and safety guidelines.

In particular, Tracy Collins, executive director at NEPTN, is invaluable. Tracy is the direct contact for Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. Whenever there is a discrepancy about specific information, or if a general question arises, Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. can count on Tracy to provide the correct, proper, and relevant information. Tracy’s expertise and in-depth understanding of physical therapy operations is extremely helpful, and it aids Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. in conducting business efficiently.

NEPTN’s mission is “to provide quality, readily available and cost effective physical therapy services” to the physical therapy industry. Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. testifies that NEPTN has achieved that mission. In addition, Pro Sports Therapy, Inc. is grateful for the outstanding service it receives from NEPTN, and the company looks forward to a successful, continued relationship with NEPTN.

Francis A. Helms

Pro Sports Therapy, Inc

New England Physical Therapy Network is a valuable resource to any PT Private Practice as they are there to identify issues regarding PT practice today but more importantly to assist in brainstorming and problem solving.
The members and board collectively create solutions and act upon them. They become the collective voice for a multitude of PT private practices in the area. I am grateful to them and my colleagues for this opportunity.

Eileen M Murphy PT, OCS ( Member since 2003 )

Mass Sport & Spine

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